Eclectic Antique Warehouse Wedding

1Yesterday, we featured a brand new wedding venue in Long Beach Island and today we are going to take a look into a more reasonable wedding venue in Los Angeles! Arthur and Hilary were the first to get married inside Big Daddy’s Antiques which is a Culver City location – and yes, they also have a San Francisco location. The entire warehouse was transformed from an area as big as an airport hangar to a wedding venue filled with love and romance within a span of 2 days! GATHER Events really did a tremendous job of realizing Arthur and Hilary’s vision of the wedding and I know that all of you guy are gonna be inspired by this! It truly was an eclectic celebration to remember! Here more of Hilary and why chose Big Daddy’s to be her venue for the wedding:

Arthur and I were having a hard time finding a place that could make our wedding unique and could hold about 220 guests. Then one of my friend’s mom mentioned Big Daddy to us and we decided to check it out. I did not knew if they were doing events but I certainly knew that I love the store because the moment I walked it, I knew it right away that this would be the ideal place for our wedding. I admired every single furniture in the place and I was also thankful that the owner, Shane allowed us to hold the wedding there. One of my favorite items that was made for the wedding was the tall wooded wall. It was made from used scaffoldings planks and it was decorated with hanging plants on 1 side of the ceremonial area. It really made the space feel complete for both of us!

Big thanks to Jennifer for taking the pictures of the day and congratulations to Arthur and Hilary for their very beautiful wedding!

2 3 4 5 6 7The ceremonial space was really inviting and I really love it! It was set up at the docking area outside of the warehouse. The classy French bistro chairs were aligned on each side of the aisle along with bay leafs and lemon leaf garlands decorated on the floor.

8 9 10 11 1213Our most favorite part of the wedding – The ceremony itself! I really felt that we were bounded together in front of all our friends and loved ones! The feeling was so powerful and it was something I just couldn’t let go.

14 15Surely no detail was overlooked at this wedding affair and by combining everything with Big daddy’s vintage design the whole celebration felt custom and unique. I like the vintage bottle drying racks that came with these escort hearts hand-calligraphed in metal.

16 17 18 19 20 21 23 2425 22 From Hilary… Arthur was really involved with all the food preparations since he has been in the restaurant industry for most of his working career. He collaborated with John and Vinnie at Animal so that they could create the best menu. We also had Bay Cities which is Arthur’s favorite late night snack. Arthur was the one in charge of the cocktail program and after hearing that he loved whiskey, Sarah and Robin from GATHER put up a bourbon bar which served as the ultimate “man-cave” for the entire evening. They concocted 3 amazing drink mixes for us and it was really amazing!

26 27 29 30And don’t you think this place is magical for the reception? Clara of JL Design took care of all the flower arrangements for the reception. She filled the concrete, mercury glasses, glass terrarium vessels, and corrugated metals with tulips, pieris, anemone, maidenhair fern, and hydrangea. Giant garlands were also placed on the beams from above to make the place lovelier.

31 32 33 34 35 36 38 39 40 41 42 44Our choice of music – Processional: (Groom) “The Times They Are A Changing” by Bob Dylan (Bride) “Pachelbel’s Canon in D”, Recessional: “Lover” by Devandra Banhart, First Dance: “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra

45 46Wedding advice – Just learn to enjoy the whole experience. Don’t lose each other throughout the evening and the best part of getting married is of course, being married.

Event planning: GATHER Events | Floral: JL Designs | Catering: Animal | Desserts: Huckleberry | Music: West Coast Music | Hair: Camila Padilla | makeup: Christine Craven | Wedding Dress: Lanvin | Engagement Ring: vintage Neil Lane and Van Cleef & Arpels | Groom’s suit: Jay Wolf Clothing

Wedding at Chicago

This wedding is special. It is very special in the sense it’s a kind of event that everyone hopes to have and what your friends want for you too. It’s a blend of 2 diverse cultures that is bonded by love and it is celebrated with rich details depicting the customs of each culture to adorn the bride and groom. In other words, you can call it as “Chicago Perfection”. This wedding was held at Maude and the awe-inspiring images of this event were all captured by the amazing lens of Two Birds Photography. Let us take a peek into this wedding and be inspired. See full images here.

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From Two Birds Photography… This wedding is one of a kind and is unlike every other event that I have covered in the past. There was a blend of Indian tradition mixed with the touch of French sophistication. All of which was set in an urbanized Chicago location. The father of the groom wanted to include the richness of Indian culture in the celebration and the result was really amazing! We really had fun capturing the moments and covering the entire event of these unique couple.

From the Bride… I met Brian on December 1. It was four years ago since he and I first met. That day was chilling and the snow was pouring heavily. We’re so fortunate that December 1st of this year happened to be on a Saturday. It turned out to be a incredible day for both of us and who would thought it would be just like in the sixties?

I wanted my wedding to be a mixed of tradition and revolution. The theme was basically French-Indian with a twist of Bohemian flavor. I got inspired from the wedding of Kate Moss and I wanted to have a wedding similar to hers. Our wedding must be all about partying where all of our loved ones could gather around and have a great time. It was a great chance to meet all of the significant people in our lives and we wanted it to be as perfect as the way we planned it. Food is essential because it’s what brings us together. It’s what makes people happy. On the other hand, drinks should also be a plenty because good drinks makes everybody want to dance. I was so glad that almost everybody admired the food and drinks that we have provided. And even some of our guests were impressed because they have never been into a wedding like ours. We thank Rebecca Royster who is the General Manager at Maude’s and her staff for making our dream wedding come true. They all handled us with care and were very anticipating to realize our French-Indian/Bohemian wedding. We also thank Scottie McNiece for providing us good music all throughout the party. The blending of old school rap, house, gipsy jazz, and Bollywood music really took the house down. We danced all night and exchanged hugs and best wishes to all of our guests as we ended the night of the wedding. We waived the whole Maude staff goodbye with gleaming faces and warm smiles. It was a great wedding, every single bit of it. Thank you to all who made this a successful occasion most especially to Jennifer and Jake Moreland of Two Birds Photography for taking our most precious moments of that day.

Wedding Venue: Maude’s | Wedding Dress: The Green Guide + Ultimate Bride | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Earrings: Carolee | Floral Design: New Leaf | Table Arrangements: DIY

Romantic Galveston Elopement

There are many ways to elope like this wedding which is truly what you can call a heavenly affair of sorts. I’m talking about a beach wedding filled with pink blooms from Floral Events, the decorations from the Perfect Parties Of Houston, and the couple who embodied beauty all throughout the day. It’s an awesome matrimony with a splash of fancy. A perfect way to celebrate this occasion. See every intimate moments captured through the lens of C. Baron Photography when you click here.

1-5238b480b978d$!400x25238b40a640b3$!600x35238b3d22fc56$!400x_5238b3e38db19$!600x45238b44e12f06$!600x515238b5067cdb8$!600x2 35238b5b00c1ec$!600x65238b5dcd8028$!600xFrom C.Baron Photography… The wedding happened on a rainy day with full of fog and mist. And though the wedding was not that pleasing, it didn’t stop Travis and Lisa Marie from having a nice wedding affair which is made just for the 2 of them. Lisa Marie had already made plans for the wedding herself complete with the bridal shower and the guest and the like and was able to did it in a way that would please everyone. After she saw her wedding gown, she immediately had of what type of wedding she would like to have… A beachside wedding with a very girly and elegant mood. It’s truly a DIFFERENT type of wedding unlike we’ve ever seen before. We had fun taking pictures of the couple. They were very easy to work with and they just looked totally AMAZING the entire day considering the bad weather. They still managed to pull it off even if most of us looked like drenched rats! The film shows their engagement session which was held at The Strand, the last minute preparations they did at the Tremont House Hotel, and all the way to the end at the Galveston Seawall which is located at Hotel Galvez.

From the Bride… I was easy going with the way my wedding was planned. My family was located out of town and they came in early to help me with the planning, picking up the gown, and stuff. And while I like my gown at the wedding along with the decors, the venue and all other details, there was this one dress that I also loved – It’s very unusual gown and not a popular choice for the family. I can help myself thinking about this particular dress. We were so fortunate that we reside at an area where eveything is there especially the beachside so I figured out, why not celebrate another wedding which is entirely different to the other one. Since the place is party secluded (except for the residents who was standing outside of their beach houses and clapping), we had a very intimate and fun day even if it was raining. My husband and I called this ceremony our “practice wedding”. It was very special occasion with me wearing this cute hi-lo dress which is perfect for beach weddings. The wind added a touch of style and it made us look great in pictures. The table and the altar were magnificent as it really exceeded all of my expectations. I just loved all the pink, ivory, and gold colors at the wedding and how the cake was perfectly match (with ruffles and waves) to go with my wedding dress! And even with all the elegant details, there still a bit of beach touches everywhere like the conch, the shell with blooms, and the starfish embedded on the chairs. It was so pretty! Am I really lucky to have all of this or what?!?!

Cake: Sugar Muse Bakery | Hair & Makeup: LP Makeup and Beauty | Floral & Altar: Floral Events | Style: Perfect Parties of Houston

Tuscany Wedding From Emm & Clau

Florence is no doubt one of my fave places here on earth. It’s a city full of culture, history, lots of scenic places, and full of romance as well. Dig in a little deeper and you’ll be able to find that this place can also be perfect for weddings like the one featured in this post. Take a glimpse of the wedding of Emm and Clau and marvel at some of the pics capturing the delightful moments of their wedding.

m_j_smp_020$!400x m_j_smp_045$!400x m_j_smp_106$!400x m_j_smp_107$!400x m_j_smp_140$!400x m_j_smp_151$!600x m_j_smp_160$!400x m_j_smp_182$!400x m_j_smp_183$!400x m_j_smp_192$!400x m_j_smp_202$!400x m_j_smp_215$!400x m_j_smp_221$!400x m_j_smp_230$!400x m_j_smp_239$!400x

From the Bride… My friend once shared to me her recent wedding that happened in Italy. I immediately asked myself, “Wouldn’t be nice to hold a lovely Italian wedding?” I think it is but fitting to hold such ceremony in this beautiful country. After all, we got engaged in Florence back in November of 2011 so it would be nice to go back to this romantic city celebrate our love by tying the knot this time around.

Jone and I immediately looked for a wedding planner that could provide us a prefect venue for the event. We wanted a castle wedding where we could dance all night and have drinks at the open bar. The place should also be easy to locate so as the guests would not get lost. It was a challenging task as there are a lot of beautiful castles in the city. There were castles in Verona, Rome, Lake Como, Almalfi Coast, and in Florence, but our hearts were captured by the Castello D’Vincigliata which is a 13th century palace that is located on the Tuscany Hills. It was surrounded by vineyards and lush olive trees and it was the ideal setting for our Italian wedding.

Classic romantic, elegant, charming, and with a lot of soft tones – These are the elements that I wanted to see at my wedding. We then chose white flowers, ivory, champagne, and gold accents to adorn the whole palace and make it as elegant as it should be on the wedding day.

The week of the wedding started with the arrival of our 50 friends and loved ones at Italy. We toured over the place and did wine tasting, have delicious meals made from the vineyard, and ate gelato (the Italian Ice Cream). My fiancée and I hosted a rehearsal dinner at Mamma Gina, one of our favorite dine-in places in Florence.

It was supposed to rain during our wedding day and that wasn’t something that we got used to. There were some attempts to rain as the skies grew dark and thunder was here and there. But eventually, the sky cleared out and the sun was brightly shining to welcome us in our special day. Whew! So much for plan B. I wore the traditional Ao Dai dress to honor my Vietnamese heritage and had a tea ceremony in the morning to honor both of our parents. Everything was magical and most of us had tears in our eyes.

Jone and I pictured out a certain dress that I would used for the wedding ceremony. He wanted me to wear this dress as I walked down the aisle to meet him at the altar. I found my dress in Lazaro’s collection and bought it right away after hitting off the runway. The dress was made from French alencon lace and had a delicate sweetheart cut on the neckline. The skirt has a ball gown design and it is layered with silk organza. It was the right dress for me and nothing could compare to the sheer beauty of this gown. Jone and I shared the same delight when I choose this dress to be my bridal gown.

Personal touches made at the wedding: We had our invitations sent to us from our wedding planner in Florence. On the other hand our guest book was courtesy of Etsy. We asked everybody to make a handmade map and sign at the places where we first met, got engaged, got married, where to live together, and where to spend our honeymoon. As part of the wedding ceremony, we set free 2 doves to signify our eternal love for each other. We also asked the guests to write down their wishes to us and hang it on chandeliers at the reception. They were all treated with local delicacies such as aperitifs and belinis as they watched the Tuscany sunset in the castle’s courtyard. During dinner, everyone had a sumptuous meal and wines were overflowing from the cellar. Then we gave them Italian limencellos as our favors for the wedding.

It was a surely a week filled with fun and I’m thankful that we all got to spend this with some of the important persons in our lives. We’re happy that they got to experience the romantic mood of Italy and shared the feeling with us. And the best part of this, we got to stay at the room where my husband originally proposed!

Everything happened just as planned and we all thank the team who made this possible. Even though it was stressful, in the end it was all worth it. The wedding was unforgettable and I would love to relive each and every moments of this day in slow motion.

Wedding Dress: Lazaro | Flowers: Marie Lou | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Andy Bridal | Catering: Delizia Ricevimenti Firenze | Wedding Planner: Samuele Gallorini | Hair: Mej Staff | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bride’s Jewelry: Nadri VIA Nordstrom | Groom’s Tuxedo: Calvin Klein | Groomsmen Attire: Mens Warehouse | Makeup: Azzurra Makeup | Venue: Castello Di’ Vincigliata

Engagement Photos in Boulder

I loved meeting Regan and Leanne on the CU campus for their engagement photos.  It was a beautiful Spring day and they were so much fun to work with.  I’m looking forward to your wedding in Lyons later this summer!